Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scenes from back home...

It's night time, but not dark. I've always loved the pink glow of a winter snowy sky. Mom and I are outside chipping away at the snow that's been falling for hours.... fluffy and white, it sparkles as it's thrown in the air, building the snow banks higher. SNOW! We come inside with rosy cheeks and drink another cup of tea...

... my little niece runs around the corner... "I hiding Auntie Jenn, come find me!" she says. "Where are you little one?" I ask. "I hiding behind the chair! Come find me!" :)

..."read to me Auntie Jenn, again!" We turn back to the front cover and she snuggles up closer...

Curled up in the chair in her room with her daddy, just out of the bath and in cozy pyjamas, I see my brother as a father and marvel again. "Auntie Jenn! Auntie Jenn!" she jumps up into the chair with her 3rd bedtime story for the night. "I love you Auntie Jenn!". The sweetest sound.

"This is our granddaughter, Jennifer" my grandmother proclaims when we meet her friends in the lounge. My grandfather points out another of his paintings hung on the corridor wall in their Senior's apartment building. Familiar faces, warm and open laughter, my grandfather's "Yes dear" and wink.


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