Thursday, April 23, 2009


Whenever I think of spring, I think of lilacs. My grandmother's house was surrounded by and the whole long driveway lined with lilacs, purple and white. My mom's house also has lilacs, and that heady smell wafting in through the windows in the evenings is just about paradise for me. My grandmother passed away last year and her house was sold. I'm really missing her these past few days, since the lilacs started to bloom in PhDCity. So Nanny, these are for you.


  1. Ah, lilacs! My parents also had them around our house and it definitely reminds me of spring. There aren't many around here for some reason - perhaps I should find some.

  2. Mmmm lilacs! There is a beautiful lilac tree on a street near my apartment, it's so nice to see them and smell them in the middle of a concrete jungle.

    On the topic of grandmothers, when I see snowdrops, I always think of my grandmother (whom I also called Nanny!), because she planted them under my window at my parents' house and they are the first flowers to bloom in late March-early April...

  3. What a nice thing to remind you of your grandmother.

    I love lilacs too, and would love to plant them if I ever have a yard.