Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Long abandoned...

I long ago abandoned this blog, new job and family life and many other things replacing the time I used to have when I was in the lab.... Many things have changed since my last post 1.5 years ago... and lots of things are still the same! I took that job I last posted about, and am still there. Most days I mostly like it. Some days i HATE it, and other days I LOVE it... so I figure, as long as those LOVE days keep coming, even if they are few and far between, I'm not doing so bad :) On a personal note, we welcomed baby boy number 2 in 2012, healthy and happy and such a joy. Work is now much less about 'career and advancement' and more about having something outside of family to call my own, avoiding a gaping hole on my CV, and earning a bit of cash (a tiny little bit, after paying daycare for TWO). It's far from what I imagined for myself when I started this blog, but most days I think I can honestly say I'm pretty happy with my life. I get to use my PhD and I have an awesome team of 4 other women PhDs as coworkers and mentors who I really admire. Sometimes life takes you on twists and turns you couldn't predict. And sometimes those paths lead you to just the place you're supposed to be.... If anyone actually reads this, especially if you've also long since abandoned your blog, send me an update, I'd love to hear what life has brought for you too in the last few years.


  1. So great to hear from you! This is why I never take blogs off my RSS feed ;)

    Congrats on the baby and glad to hear you're mostly enjoying your job!

    I'm in a similar place with my job - like it most days, some days HATE it, some days LOVE it. I'm in a HATE spot right now though, with a slight re-design of my job description that wasn't discussed with me before I was told I "had no choice". So...looking around...always looking, I guess.

    We're trying to have baby #2 as well, but had another m/c in December. Hopefully will get a sticky baby in the near future.

    That's my life in a nutshell :D

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  3. Haha! I just came across this post as I try to revive my own long-dead blog! ;) I anticipate my career going much the same way yours seems to be, so I'll go back and read more about how you got there...whenever I find some spare time....

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