Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So, still no word on the final manuscript decision... It's been a week, I have no idea how long it should take! In the mean time I've had lots of distractions to keep me busy. There's bench work for the new project (which I'm finally making time for - it feels good to be "back"), seminars are back at pretty regular intervals after the Christmas lull, and I'm leaving on Friday for a conference, where I'll give my first truly public talk (outside my research institute) about my PhD work. It's helpful to know that the data is *so close* to being accepted for publication, so I'm not worried about criticism, but I AM worried about fitting everything in within the time allowed for the talk.... I met with my PI this morning to go over the slides, and every time I tried to cut down the amount of data or things to say, he added 2 more images/sentences/points. It's soooo going to be too long. I have a practice talk with the rest of the group soon, but before then I need to get my slides to 1 minute each (I'm sticking to the 1 slide per minute estimate, and hoping I can manage that without losing half the audience). Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck, Jenn! You'll do just fine :)