Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On manuscript submission....

It's getting late, into the double digits of the pm (and I'm not using a 24 hour clock!). Dinner tonight consisted of a chocolate-banana flavored granola bar and a coffee from the vending machine. Healthy?! Not exactly. The reason I'm here is the manuscript submission process. I have decided that Murphy's Laws apply more and more strongly the later it gets and the more hungry the scientist becomes....

It started this morning with that oh so long anticipated email in my inbox.... "After careful consideration and consulting with our referees we are pleased to offer...." Publication! Success! Hooray! Finally, 4 years of work in print, finished! But, wait... there's just that small matter of forms, signatures, scans, document conversion, CMYK vs RGB.... and suddenly something you think will take a few hours maximum has you sitting at a computer late into the night, eyes glazed over just wanting it all to be finished!

So, with that, dear internets, I'll return to check the upload status and conversion progress one more time... So close... and yet so far! Sleep will be sweet tonight....

...if I ever get there...


  1. Yay, congrats!!! I hope it's all uploaded and that you have had a chance to celebrate (or sleeeeeeep!)

  2. I finally got it all uploaded and made the last public transport home around midnight... now it's just a waiting game to see if it's all approved (then comes the celebration :) )

  3. Congrats! I feel the same about submissions. The forms are all soooo loong.

  4. Absolutely fabulous - congratulations!