Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OK, a more positive post

OK, so with the last post, I got a second (third? thirtieth?) wind (and a nice swift kick in the pants) to DO something about this not working thing again. No more waiting around. Be proactive dammit! So I finally sent an email to my former colleague's contact in industry, and wrote to volunteer my services to a cool company I found locally that runs camps and parties for kids to discover science. It's something small, but at least it's SOMETHING. There's also the nature reserve we visited a few weeks ago that apparently looks for biologist volunteers from time to time... I think I'll look up their website and see if I can find an address to write to. I guess sciencey-type Volunteer activities are better than a gaping hole in a CV right?


  1. Exactly right. I keep shaking my head for you and lamenting that networking is so unpredictable but I think volunteering is brilliant in terms of establishing contacts and doing something sciencey. :)

    And you'll keep getting the n+1 wind - you're delightful like that.

  2. I'm sure, in addition to adding to your CV, you'll feel great doing volunteer work too! Doing science with kids is always fun!