Saturday, March 5, 2011

quick check in

Been sick, nasty stuff (nothing too serious, and improving daily), also been very lazy.

FINALLY re-did my CV (again!), modeled after a former co-worker (we finished our PhDs in the same building about a year apart, her a year AFTER me) who just got her first pharma-related job (sales manager)... It's now much closer to my academic CV, much more detailed (and hopefully not too crowded with excess info to be attractive?!). I feel like it better represents me to future employers, but I'm not so sure if they're going to like this version of "me". Then again, they obviously didn't like the more recent versions of "me" either since I haven't had a job interview since last Fall and NONE in NewCountry. So... it's a gamble. Meh, at least I feel like I tried something different.

My new cover letters are also more detailed, and tell more about ME and my past rather than generic future employee they are looking for. We'll see

I sent out 4 (I think?!) different sets of applications today.