Thursday, March 26, 2009

Too close for comfort?

I'm trying now to schedule the geographically similar "clump" of interviews that's rapidly approaching. I have arranged to visit 5 places in 4 cities... only one of the cities is dramatically distant from the others, but the minimal travel time by commuter train between cities is 1.5 hours. Can I do 3 interviews in 3 days? (two in the same city plus one in the city 1.5 hours away?) Is that just asking for trouble? Should I space them out with a one day gap in between? Ideally I'd like that, but there are some scheduling conflicts and I have to look after finding a place to stay in between which I wouldn't have to if I did them all in a row... My mind feels like mush and I'm having a really hard time trying to work this out. Advice?


  1. I'd try to space them out if you can. There's no use interviewing yourself to death. It won't help your cause, especially by the time you get to the last place.

    Maybe you can do the two in the city in two days, take one day off to travel to the new city, then do that interview the next day?

  2. I'd add a gap day. I basically did the same thing in January, and I was SO EXHAUSTED after the first day it wasn't even funny. My only saving grace was that the 2nd day ended up underbooked and I could sleep in until noon. And I was still tired. By the end of the 3rd day, I was exhausted, but would have been more so if I had 3 solid booked days, 3 institutions, same city.

    Gap it, girl.

  3. Another vote for a gap day. You will be so happy to give yourself a breather.