Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm not a very patient waiter. I know. I've heard back now from 3 of the 6 applications I sent on Monday. I think that's actually pretty good! I have two invitations to come for interviews, but before I make travel plans I'd like to hear back from the others, and concentrate the long distance travel into one big trip. But I don't want to keep the ones who did write back waiting either... How long is acceptable to wait? I wrote back and thanked them for the invitation and said I would be in touch soon, when I'd heard back from some other labs that were close by, but is a week ok? Two weeks? When do I send a follow-up email to the groups I didn't hear back from? I'm thinking all this advice must be out there at SW, Isis or CPP... I should go look. Meanwhile, I'll try to be patient.


  1. Wow! I'm super surprised that you've heard back so soon! I know some people that applied in September and didn't hear until February :P That's astronomy for you though.

    So, I obviously have no advice, but just wanted to say "yay!" to getting invitations from two places already!

  2. Thanks MrsCH :) I'm just so anxious to move on and start something new that I want to go NOW, know what I mean? I'm guessing the others might be trying to contact my references before contacting me... and my PI seems to be a bit slow getting to these requests (another student in our lab is also applying now for postdocs and has had trouble getting the PI to send recommendations)